Coastal King Clay

Coastal King Clay is located & operates in a relatively untapped clay production region in Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana.

The on-site evaluation & analytical data confirms, the physical and chemical properties of our material make it suitable for levee protection construction projects.  Coastal King Clay provides a multi-use borrow material, which has been tested, verified, and approved for use by local contractors for subdivision development, road construction, and major levee projects. For more information, please contact us.

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Legacy Mining, LLC

Legacy Mining LLC—an affiliate of Sixty West—was originally established in 2017 to oversee and operate Coastal King Clay, LLC.

Legacy Mining excels in managing the field operations to improve workplace safety, efficiency, sales and bottom lines. The Legacy Mining office staff works to provide cost-saving measures, with an expedited procurement process for our customers.

Though new to the Sixty-West family, we at Legacy Mining have 10 years of combined Managerial & Operational mining experience.  In addition to providing a safe & efficient field operation, while earning strong returns for our clients.