Topsoil Clay

Coastal King Clay provides a proven material with large reserves of topsoil clay and structural clay to serve various construction, fertilization, and stabilization purposes.

Coastal King Clay materials consist of fat and lean clays originated from the Holocene Epoch and Pleistocene Epoch. These sediments from the Holocene Epoch and Pleistocene Epoch consist of cohesionless soils mixed with cohesive soils with a light gray to light brown clay appearance.

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Uses of Topsoil Clay

Topsoil clay consists of organic content that assists in vegetation growth, increases water infiltration, improves soil tilth, decreases erosion losses, and supplies plant nutrients.

The fatty components in structural clay allows the clay to be used for foundation and elevation purposes, as well as bonding. Additionally, the organic content benefits the soil by improving its physical conditions, which increase water infiltration, improving soil tilth, decreasing erosion losses, and supplying plant nutrients.

Technical Data

Coastal King Clay, LLC utilized an independent 3rd party licensed Professional Engineering firm & Certified Laboratory to conduct a feasibility study to include field testing requirements, Lab analytical, and provide a Certified Final Report. This documentation can be provided upon request, by a customer for bid or project support documentation, regarding the suitability & reliability of the subsurface materials as borrow for earthen levee construction or other earthen construction purposes. Earthen levee construction requires a specific type of clay material that compacts well and prevents seepage.

As indicated in our Final Report, the Coastal King Clay average clay properties meet the qualifications for USACE Clay Specifications requirements.

The requirements for USACE Clay Specification are as follows:

  • Borrow must have a Plasticity Index greater than 10
  • Sand content must not be greater than 35%
  • Organic content must not be higher than 9%
  • Soil salinity levels must be less than 1,500 ppm

Coastal King Clay Average Clay Properties results are below:

  • An average Plasticity Index of 37
  • 5.9% average for sand content
  • Organic content average of 2.1%
  • Salinity levels with an average of 314 ppm

The studies and tests confirm the components of the clay material from Coastal King Clay site, would meet the USACE criteria as an approved source of clay for levee construction & repair. Additionally, the clay can be considered certifiable for multi-purpose use such as Coastal Restoration Projects, Construction Foundation Material and Roadway Construction.