Coastal King Clay’s Mission

Coastal King Clay aims to protect Earth’s most treasured coasts by providing a quality clay borrow source material that meets or exceeds the United States Army Corp or Engineers Levee Protection Standard. The levees consist of classified native soils & clay from Louisiana’s raw land, where Coastal King Clay operates multiple borrow pits.


All of Coastal King Clay’s borrow source material is analyzed by an independent third-party certified laboratory.

The borrow source material originates from the Holocene Epoch & Pleistocene Epoch geological formation. The fat and lean clays have been evaluated & classified through Agronomy & Geo-Technical Laboratory Analysis, in accordance with the USACOE test standards, qualifying our clay for use in USACE levee protection projects.

The USACOE clay standard specification consists of four requirements for approval. Coastal King Clay’s material, which meets or exceeds these standards, can be used as suitable borrow material for levee construction & repair projects.